Moving out of an apartment is an often frantic process with packing, working with movers, communicating with your landlord, showing the place to potential tenants, and getting the rental to its original condition. Having several cats makes this an even more difficult process, and it is easy for your feline companions to get stressed from various things such as packing boxes, moving furniture, and strangers coming inside. It is a good idea, especially a few days before your move, to board your cats until the moving day. But, even a boarding facility can be somewhat stressful, so you should follow a few ways to keep it to a minimum.

Find a Boarding Facility with Suites

The first thing that you should do is find a place where all of your cats can be in the same room or area. This area should be big enough to give each cat privacy and to house cat furniture for them to use. When your cats spend time together just as they do at home, they will feel more comforted than being alone.

Request to Use Cat Pheromones

It is an excellent idea to introduce cat pheromones into your home before you start packing for a move. These products are known to reduce stress, which can be essential throughout a move. But, whether or not you end up using them beforehand, you should at least give them a shot while boarding. Bringing a plug-in to the facility and having it plugged into an electrical socket nearby can help to lower stress.

Bring Their Personal Items

Some boarding facilities will have cat trees all ready for incoming cats to use. While this is effective for some cats, especially if they are thoroughly cleaned after each visit, you may want to bring your own. Bringing the personal items of your cats can make them feel better while being away from home. It is crucial to make sure each cat has their own hiding spot to use for when they feel nervous. Just about all of their furniture and toys should have their own scent on them, which should also comfort them.

Cats do not like change, so it is best to minimize how much is changed when staying elsewhere. This means you should bring the same litter, litter boxes, and their normal food if possible.

Boarding your cats during the busiest time of moving will minimize stress for everyone involved. For more information or assistance, contact a cat boarding company, like the Academy Of Canine Behavior.