If you are about to become a first-time owner of a Yorkshire terrier, affectionately known as a "Yorkie", you need to familiarize yourself with its unique personality and care requirements. For instance early socialization (with family members and other pets) is a key aspect to consider. Here are three specifics knowledgeable Yorkie breeders would want a prospective owner to know:

1. Your Yorkie Should Be Socialized Early On

Early socialization is important for the Yorkie, as some terrier breeds tend to be wary of strangers and other animals. However, when socialized early on, you can expect a lovable and obedient pet, willing to interact gently with other animals and humans. Expose your Yorkie to people, places and animals. Supervised walks (on a leash) throughout the neighborhood is a good start. Start out slow and cautious.

If the dog shows signs of fear or excitability, retreat then try again later. Repeat these sessions until the pup is accustomed to new sights and sounds, as well as other animals and strangers. When your Yorkie behaves nicely, the reward of a treat is recommended.

2. Yorkies Chase More Than Their Tails

For many, part of the joy of owning a Yorkie is the exuberance this breed exhibits. However, you should realize this inquisitive, playful dog loves to track and chase moving objects. Whether noticing a passing car, a scurrying squirrel or a bouncing ball, your curious pup may soon be in hot pursuit. Fenced yards offer room to play, without the danger of darting out into the street or running through the neighborhood. If you don't have a fenced yard, keep your pooch on a leash when outside.

3. More Food for Thought

Nutrition plays a key role in keeping your Yorkie's silky fur looking lustrous. Essential fatty acids can help maintain the health of your pet's coat and skin. Therefore, the diet should include adequate amounts of Omega-3 and Omega-6. These fatty acids help to counteract effects of skin allergies and inflammation. A weekly treat of egg or sweet potato may also benefit your Yorkie's coat, due to the biotin these foods contain.

As a new pet parent to a Yorkie, you might want to keep one other important consideration in mind. Before you bring home your new fur-baby, ask the breeder for a recommendation of a local veterinarian. It's a good idea to take your new canine companion to a veterinarian for an initial health examination shortly after the adoption.