When you are looking to purchase an animal for your child do not forget to look at different reptiles. There are a wide variety of reptiles that make fantastic pets. There are reptiles that are hard to take care of, but there are also reptiles that are very easy to take care of. Reptiles are much different than more traditional pets like dogs and cats. Reptiles are becoming very popular as pets. Here are just a few different reptiles that are fantastic first pets for children.

Bearded Dragon

The bearded dragon is a very neat lizard. The bearded dragon comes in many different colors and looks like a small type of dinosaur. This may be why the bearded dragon is becoming more popular. The bearded dragon will eat plant material, but it also eats bugs. You can get the bearded dragon food at any animal shop. One very important aspect about taking care of a bearded dragon is that they need to have the opportunity to bask in the sun. They need to have an area that is approximately one hundred degrees Fahrenheit. They also need a place that is much cooler. A bearded dragon also needs approximately a seventy five gallon tank to call home.  

Corn Snake 

There are many different reasons that a corn snake makes a great pet for a kid. One of the main reasons that corn snakes make such great pets for a kid is that they are very docile and easy to handle. They do not act out unless they are treated very roughly. Also the corn snake is very easy to take care of, and does not require very much upkeep. A corn snake is completely happy in a ten gallon tank, and does not need any special light requirements. Corn snakes are a great way to get introduced into the reptile or snake world. 

Pacman Frog

Big frogs that can eat other frogs and even mice. Yes, the pacman frog is a very neat frog and it does not require very much maintenance. The pacman can live in a ten to twenty gallon tank because it does not move around a lot. You will need to give the frog something to burrow into as it likes to hide. Just be careful not to overfeed your pacman frog because they do like to eat, and they are prone to become overweight. These frogs can be a blast to have around. 

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