When you are living in an apartment or condo that you are renting, there is not much that you can do about home security aside from turning on lights randomly and keeping the doors and windows locked. But, once you become a homeowner, your opportunities to improve home security grow substantially. It is possible to go all out and invest in a thorough home security system with cameras and alarms. While this is an effective option, you may want to go for a natural approach by getting a guard dog. This means you will need to adopt a dog, preferably a puppy, and then hire a professional for dog training.

Ask a Dog Trainer About Breeds

It is possible to use any dog and train them into being a guard dog. But, there are certain breeds that excel over others, such as a Pug, Pekingese, or Chihuahua. You should not hesitate to ask a dog trainer about what breeds they would recommend when your goal is to have an incredible guard dog. They may have extensive experience working with specific breeds and can give you great suggestions in detail.

Start Training Early On

A puppy might be a little rambunctious and need to take breaks occasionally, but they are perfect for training into a guard dog because they have not developed any poor habits from previous owners. Before adopting a dog, you should ask the dog trainer that you want to hire what age is ideal. If you want to start training right away, you can take their advice and then begin the training sessions immediately. It is also an option to just adopt an 8-week-old puppy, enjoy the first few weeks, and then begin the training.

Establish Your Goals

To feel confident about your dog's abilities as a guard dog, you want to come up with your goals. It is important to go through this process in the beginning and then discuss the goals with a dog trainer. They can give you information on what training sessions you will need, how long they will take, and how much they will cost assuming that your dog is able to learn everything within the expected time frame. You may want them to be a guard dog that primarily spends time inside and barks when noises happen nearby. It is also an option to have them spend a lot of time outside and watch your house from the backyard. Keep in mind that in either case, veterinary care at a clinic like Spring Hill Veterinary Clinic will be a necessity and a cost you should factor in.

Improving home security should not be tough when you combine a dog with proper guard dog training.