If you're thinking of purchasing a Bengal kitten, you may be concerned about their reputation of being more destructive than other breeds of cats. However, this reputation is undeserved, and these energetic, intelligent cats are just as trainable, if not more so, as other breeds. Many behaviors can be reduced just by giving them an alternative version of what they enjoy that is more acceptable. Here are some tips on how to steer your kitten towards the right behaviors without spoiling their fun.

Scratching Behaviors

When your kitten scratches something you find unsuitable, then offer them a more suitable alternative and make it appear more attractive than the previous choice. The type of scratching surface you provide for your cat should be based on the material and position they like they use. Transitioning to a scratching post may take some time and patience, though, and its placement is important. You could also use attractive cat-safe scents on the new surface and neutralizers and unpleasant scents on the unwanted surface to help ease the switch.

Eating House Plants

Cats actually like to chew on or eat certain plants from time to time, and it's a perfectly healthy behavior unless the plant is poisonous or being severely damaged by this behavior. Try to find a place for your plant that is difficult for your kitten to access (it'll be hard because Bengals love to climb) or place a barrier around the plant. You can also use a pet-repellent spray on your plants. Another option is to get your kitten their own patch of plants specifically for them with species like catnip or catmint.

Too Much Water Play

Bengal kittens usually love water, and it's important that you give them water to play in on a regular basis. However, you may find that your kitten loves turning on faucets or playing in his or her water dish. From the beginning, don't let them learn how to turn on the faucet themselves. You may need to install a locking mechanism, change the type of handles you have, or even remove the handles when you're not using them. If your kitten plays in their water bowl, then you might want to get one that he or she can't knock over or put his bowl inside another, heavier bowl to reduce spillage.

Most of these behaviors are considered normal and healthy and should always be directed towards a healthy source. Keep working with your Bengal kitten so that he or she continues to engage in their favorite activities without destroying anything or hurting themselves. For more information about Bengal kittens, contact a breeder like Spot O' Luck.